Wednesday, 30 August 2017


"Sometimes I don't know where you end and I begin."

Part of the twin flame experience is breaking through abusive patterns and setting new healthy loving templates for yourself.

Your twin is by no means here to abuse you or repeat past abusive patterns. Your twin is here to show you where you need to shift and heal from past abuse so that you can stop the cycle of it in your life permanently.

Self love comes in many different forms like standing up for yourself,respecting yourself and setting healthy boundaries.

Before you can start setting new boundaries for yourself, you have to know what you want. This is lovely and exciting because you are essentially laying the map for a new you and a new life. This is the template. 

Setting boundaries and having self respect doesn't come easy or naturally for everybody. I have really battled with this my whole life because I was always squashed down and bullied by the people closest to me.

Within the twin flame dynamic, I think that we can get very confused because of the spiritual nature of the connection. It is easy to misunderstand the 3D connection and then "put up" with buckets of shit because of the love you feel. 

I have to make sense of everything for myself. I know without doubt that I absolutely and completely love my twin. BUT I don't like the way he treats me in the 3D world. 

My twin and I have very different ideas on how to treat people that we care about in 3D. This by no means makes me love my twin any less, because I don't. But it does make me realise that how he treats me is not nice and I deserve so much more. It makes me realise that I have a choice to endure it or move away from it.

How do you change this??? 

First of all establish why you allow yourself to be treated badly by your twin or anyone else for that matter. It is important to get to the root of the problem, because this will be a programme that you have had since childhood. Figure out how the programme got there. Visit the pain attached and ask for divine guidance to release it and change the pattern of abuse.

Second, decide how you want to be treated by your twin and others. You have a choice to not be treated like shit. You have the power within you to set the bar for how people treat you. You are a divine being of God and you deserve to be treated with all the love and respect that comes with being that.

Third,stop accepting disrespectful behavior towards yourself by being honest with yourself and who ever is treating you badly. Walk away, stop feeding the fire of bad behavior by tolerating it or making excuses for it. You can communicate your feelings but don't expect anything back from anyone. People are who they are, they have to want to change themselves. Don't make the mistake of assuming that someone will change and then place your happiness on that, because that is just a disaster waiting to happen. 

Be strong and act in spite of fear, because standing up for yourself can be really scary! But it needs to be done in order for change to occur in your life. It is the only way to set new templates.

This is a very scary thing for some twins because they fear that they will lose their twin if they set boundaries. They fear rejection and they fear abandonment. 

If you are a true twin flame, you can NEVER lose your twin, EVER!!! You are bound to each other for eternity, so if you go through a patch of separation in 3D it is not the end of the world. Separation is just an illusion. When you and your twin are ready, the Universe will always draw you to each other again and again. Nothing is permanent. 

When we don't love ourselves completely all we do is land up in dysfunctional romantic relationships, and if we don't love our selves and try and be in a relationship with our twin flame, it will also just be dysfunctional. Being all that you can be to yourself is a much more realistic goal for happiness than needing a partner to be happy.

*I do want to make note that not all have to walk away. Some people are open to working things out and some couples can and will work it out. You have to make decisions based on your unique situation. 

Sending all enormous love!
Twin Flame Healing

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